March 2024: Porter’s Lake Birthday

We had an amazing time celebrating Caleb’s birthday in Porter’s Lake this weekend! We celebrated with him last year, and it’s always extra-special to be invited back! Caleb made sure to invite lots of new faces to share in the experience and it was so heartwarming to watch him helping and checking up his friends throughout our visit.

We saw lots of courage at this visit, including Moms & Dads! Children are basically built for new experiences, but adults have had a lifetime to nurture their fears. Thus, it’s often a much harder climb for us to overcome our anxieties, so don’t undervalue your courage, parents!

Thank you SO much Caleb & family for inviting us back to visit, Marsha & I loved spending time with you again. I hope I get more opportunities to see where Caleb’s passion for animals takes him if the future!

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