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Pete is so awesome!!! Every single kid at the party had a great time. It was easy to see who was nervous around snakes and really incredible to watch those kids face their fears and become educated and then comfortable to hold the snakes. I would highly recommend Pete for anyone who is interested in learning about snakes and for those of us who may be afraid of snakes it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn and become more comfortable around them. Pete has a great way with crowd and easily handles all personality types making sure everyone is respectful and ready to enjoy the experience. Thanks again Pete for making such a memorable birthday for our gal!

Jamie Doyle


We are mostly a snake-fearing family and our experience with Pete’s has turned a lot of us around!! Thank you for showing us what incredibly cool creatures they truly are!! You are a true ambassador for these beautiful snakes.

Linda Shea-White



I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Pete! He came in with an amazing attitude, kept the attention of at least 6 eight year olds. He was patient, very informative and so so kind. He has a plethora of knowledge on his snakes and made everyone so comfortable. Even the kids that were nervous were more than willing to hold the snakes!! He made my 8-year-old daughter’s dream come true. I would highly highly recommend him for any sort of party environment. Well worth the price. I can’t think of anything he could have done better. We all learned so much!! What an amazing time we all had!! Thank you so much Pete!

Shannon Heald


What’s on for Families (HRM & Beyond): Local Business Spotlight

[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post or paid promotional post. I love meeting small local business owners at their events or kid-friendly establishments and getting to see first hand the pure love and dedication they have for what they do. I simply want to share so others can try it out for themselves too!]

I was so excited to share about For Pete’s Snakes I just couldn’t wait to schedule this post for later!

I have been hoping to attend at least one of Pete’s community events for a while after I heard it recommended from another mum friend, but it never quite worked out. This time though it was perfect! Steele Wheels was hosting him and his lovely snakes this weekend. It’s been on my list to check out Steele Wheels as well, so the universe aligned and we got to try both at the same time!

To say that Pete loves his snakes and is well educated and passionate about them is a massive understatement. This kind of love and compassion for animals I have seen only rivals that of Steve Irwin from Australia. His energy immediately pulls you in and says, “Hey! Check this out and let’s get a hands on education and experience.”. You get the sense that he is having just as much fun sharing this with people as you are to try it for the first time.

✨ Prefacing this ✨ I am Australian and so I had it drilled into my head as a kid to be very cautious of Snakes and to avoid them. Let’s just say, I was happy to stand very far back taking videos and photos while my girls went up and held the snakes with Pete. What meant so much to me was that he immediately saw my girls and dropped down to their level and let them get right up close. There was no “Hands off! Not too close! Just look!”.

He basically sat my girls down and checked with them before kindly placing a snake on their laps to cuddle and pet. He shared fun facts, educational points, and clarified some misunderstandings both my husband and I had of snakes. He even comforted me by telling me that my girls were just fine and so gentle with the snakes


It was also incredible to see just how many snakes he had, and how he knew every single one of them basically as a family member. He was aware when some of them started to feel overwhelmed or over touched, some that were more wiggly and were better for parents to hold, and the ones that kids would love to have wrapped around their arms and shoulders. He was so attentive to everyone who came and handled the crowds and differing ages so professionally and friendly (His volunteer helpers were also so amazing and kind, and were actively looking for people who wanted to give it a try).In some ways, I feel like I got more out of his up close and personal snake experience and quick fun facts than I have at some zoos and wildlife parks!

He started this business in the Spring of 2021 and hosts all kind of events (Birthday parties, homeschooling groups, childcare centre presentations, special events, and even exposure therapy for those who have a phobia of snakes) and you can check that out on his website here:

I’d highly recommend him for all of the above, and honestly if we weren’t moving away before my girls next birthdays, I’d probably hire him as the entertainment/educational experience.

Ashleigh Shontelle Fitzner



Great and informative! Kids were very excited and his excitement about the snakes kept the kids listening and entertained! Would def recommend booking!

Miranda Dearman


I would not have ever considered myself a lover of snakes and I never thought I would embrace the idea of my young children cuddling the slithery creatures… But that has changed thanks to Pete, his snakes, and his team.

It all started when my 4 year old daughter learned of an educational “For Pete’s Snakes” event happening locally, and she begged me to take her. She immediately fell in love with these gentle creatures. Specifically, my daughter spoke about her love for one of Pete’s Ball Pythons, Wilson.

Through interacting with the snakes and through observing their behaviour, it’s clear each of Pete’s snakes has their own unique personality. It’s a great joy to observe and witness each snake’s mannerisms, preferences, and curiosities. Seeing how gentle and forgiving Pete’s snakes have been with my 4 year old has me questioning why I even felt uneasy around snakes in the first place. Through seeing my daughter’s unabashed love for snakes, she opened my eyes (and my heart) to also giving these often misunderstood animals a chance.

Pete and his team are friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. Pete and his team can “read the room”, observe participant’s body language and comfort level, and also observe the snakes’ cues. During a handful of separate public education events, I never once felt like anyone was in danger of being bitten or hurt.

I asked my daughter what she would say if another child asked her about Pete and his snakes and she said “I would tell them that snakes aren’t slimy actually… they’re scaly and smooth… and Daisy is crazy… the snakes will tickle you… they make you laugh… ball pythons are great for people who don’t like snakes… my favourite snakes are Wilson, Daisy, and Robert!”

We have booked Pete for our daughter’s 5th birthday 🙂

Krista Arsenault


When my son said he wanted to have snakes for his 7th birthday party, a quick online search led me to For Pete’s Snakes. I remembered that Pete’s brought his babies to my work, the Children’s Center at Evergreen. Everyone who was there highly recommended him. And other reviews had me sold. I don’t have one negative thing to say. Pete’s says that he aims to be the the least stressful and easiest part of the event, and that is the truth. Due to a mistake on my part, we had to change the venue of my son’s 7th birthday at the last minute and Pete was so understanding. He and Marsha were by far the least stressful part.

Pete is so passionate about his babies and it shows. He was so engaging, knowledgeable and funny with the kids, and parents. From ages 5 up to almost 70, everyone loved this experience. I can’t thank Pete and Marsha enough. Highly recommend! We will definitely be in tough in the future as we think we will be adding a snake to our family in the future. Our boys loves them.
Thank you!

Chvonne Kane


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You can’t go wrong with Pete’s snakes! This was by far the best birthday we ever booked. He had the kids and adults captivated from the moment he arrived till he left. Pete and his wife Marsha are so knowledgeable and great with everyone no matter their comfort level with snakes. A super fun and educational idea for any event.

Danielle D


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On Tuesday, Dec 19th, there were snakes – actual live snakes – in the library at Horton High School! Pete Freckelton, of “For Pete’s Snakes” offered a fun, educational, and unique experience to our students. The library was buzzing with excitement as students and staff got to hold a snake, if they were so inclined! There was no pressure to get THAT up-close-and-personal, but the support was there in a low-stress environment. Many students simply watched the fun, while others sat and enjoyed a lovely hug from a friendly serpent. Even folks who were not keen even touch a snake were able to learn a little bit about them, and watch from a distance. The atmosphere was friendly, accepting, and a lot of fun!

Thanks to Pete for a wonderful visit!

Kay Greene (Vice-Principal, Horton High School)



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My son met Robert this past summer and has been smitten ever since. We hired Pete for his 10th birthday party and everyone had the most incredible time. Pete has this amazing way of engaging children while educating and he is so knowledgeable! He is patient and kind and gets the biggest thrill when kiddos (or parents) overcome their uncertainty. Thank you Pete! Both of my children have stated that they want Pete birthday parties every year now, so I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of you!

Heather Pye


Booked Pete for my 10 year olds birthday party. He was great with the kids and everyone had an awesome time.

Ryan Pye



We hosted Pete and his wife in our home for our daughter’s 10th birthday party. This was the most fun, educational and interactive gathering- enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Pete and his wife were so informative and supportive to every participant. Pete has a special super power to match the personality of his snakes to each individual to that everyone has a wonderful experience. I would 10/10 recommend.

Lisa deMolitor



I absolutely loved spending time with the snakes! Kaitlin and Robert were favourites of mine, and Simon was a very cute lap snake (he came to me in a ball and stayed in a ball). I met these lovely reptiles at an event at Acadia University in the Library. I found it to be a bit loud (it was a busy event) but the snakes kept me happy and so the noise didn’t really bother me.
I would love to attend another event in the future :3

Amaru O’Brien


For Pete’s Snakes came to the Acadia library during my exam season, and I had a wonderful time interacting with the snakes and de-stressing at this event. Pete and his staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, and made sure everyone, especially those who were afraid of snakes, had a great time. The animals themselves were friendly and didn’t mind being handled at all, which made for a pleasant experience for everyone. I hope the Acadia Library brings them back next semester!

Ella W


Highly recommend Pete for entertainment at a children’s party or event. He is very good at talking with the kids and teaching them about the snakes in a fun way. All the kids were very interested and loved being able to hold the different snakes.

Tyler Tyler


We all thoroughly enjoyed have Pete and his snakes visit our youth centre. The whole experience was so informative and engaging! The kids will be talking about this for months to come!!! Thanks Pete!!!

Kelly Foxton


For Pete’s Snakes did my son’s birthday party back in March and it was such an amazing experience. I was shaking in the entry as he brought the snakes in, thinking I am going to walk out on my own kids party. I expressed my anxiety about snakes and was reassured that no one would be pressured to handle the snakes etc. Pete and his wife were amazing educating everyone and handling the snakes to meet everyone’s comfort level. Before long I was able to touch a snake and by the end of the party I had come to love the snakes, especially Alice and had her climbing all over me. Since that time we have attended an event in Kentville so the kids and I could visit the snakes. We look forward to further events. I highly recommend For Pete’s Snakes.

Wendy Kinsman



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I stumbled upon Pete when walking by a window and seen a few ppl holding snakes. I’m terrified of them but ventured in to take a peek .My two younger kids 7 & 9 were braver than me lol. Pete was very friendly and told us all about how snakes are and even offered formus to touch or hold them. Of course my youngest took him up on that offer. She loves them now. Both kids got educational visit they will always remember. I’d def go to one of his shows, even brought some other family members and friends with us at the time. We all enjoyed it! Thanks for accommodating us unexpected drop-ins lol. Very cool of you!

Chrissy Hill


We had Pete into our home for my son’s 7th birthday. His birthday is in February and the colder months are a bit dreary.

To say it was a hit was an understatement. Pete is so professional, so knowledgeable, and so patient with children. I’ve personally never been afraid of snakes but can certainly understand why people might have a fear. I feel he offers so much knowledge about these misunderstood creatures, that it could be very therapeutic for someone who might have a fear of snakes. I think I enjoyed it maybe the most. However, I heard multiple children say it was the best day of their life.

It was an awesome experience that I can’t recommend enough. Might even have my own birthday party and invite my girlfriends one of these days.

15/10 experience for sure

Amanda Noftall



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For Pete’s Snakes is the best snake-encounter experience I have ever seen (and I have seen many). Pete is engaging, fun, and informative. Even the most nervous children and adults usually end up holding snakes and falling in love because of the calm, pressure-free atmosphere. I can’t say enough about how positive every single event is!

Erin Patstone


For Pete’s Snakes was the highlight of my daughter and her besties birthday party today! The kids were left with knowledge as well as lasting memories. Pete was amazing with all the children…and even this snake-a-phob momma even found herself intrigued to pet a couple snakes!
We would recommend Pete and his snakes to anyone!
A job well done and thank you so much!

Erica Latter


We invited Pete and his snakes for our son’s birthday party and it was AWESOME! He was fantastic with the kids (ages 6-7) and his presentation held their interest for much longer than I anticipated! The kids who wanted to hold a snake all got a turn and it was such a neat experience for everyone. Highly recommend getting in touch with him if you have an upcoming birthday party

Anne Merkley


Pete visited us for my son’s eighth birthday. It was such amazing experience! Highly recommended. His brief lesson was engaging and he had a way of really holding the kids’ interest. He made the kids and adults comfortable with the snakes too and everyone got lots of time to interact with different snakes, if they chose. Marsha was great as well, and we appreciated the gift! Five stars!!

Heather Boucher


Great time had by all. The seniors and the staff loved the experience.

Victoria Gagne (Dykeland Lodge)


What a wonderful experience! Pete was so great with the the children; they loved being able to hold and interact with the snakes. Would highly recommend Pete and his snakes!!

Alison Ripley


We are so grateful to Pete and Marsha for coming with Alice, Luke, Cameron, Shelby, Wilson, Robert and the rest of the gang to my daughter’s 8th birthday party! Pete’s enthusiasm is infectious, and he is able to share his vast knowledge of these incredible creatures at levels that little ones, bigger ones and adults can appreciate. He had the kids enthralled and engaged from the moment he started. We had a couple of kiddos at our party who swore, at the beginning, that they would never touch a snake, and by the end, they couldn’t get enough of them draped over their shoulders, wanting to hold them all! Thank you SO MUCH for bringing us this wonderful experience!

Alyson Holland


Had Pete and his snakes there for my sons 3rd birthday party. It was overall a great experience my boy loved the snakes and Pete is very knowledgeable about his pets and teaches safe handling practices so all the kids could enjoy learning about snakes. He’s very passionate and puts on a great display. Would highly recommend for anyone who’s passionate about snakes!
Thanks Pete

Justin Balcom


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