March 2024: Kingsport Birthday

Eli’s Easter weekend birthday party in Kingsport was an absolute blast! It’s always extra-special when families invite me for a return visit and many of these children were very happy to be reunited with their slithery friends.

As usual, Robert the corn snake was disrespecting personal boundaries, and Alice the boa enjoyed perching on heads, but our birthday boy fell hopelessly in love with Chris, my youngest ball python graciously donated by Chris Ward of The Reptile Ward. He didn’t have much time for anyone else because Chris was his baby. Little Chris has been an unbelievable ambassador for his age and I couldn’t be more proud of him! He’s been so patient with the children and the kids have been equally gentle and protective with him. Moreover, he eats like an absolute maniac! Seeing Eli’s affection for him gave me a severe case of the warm n’ fuzzies.

I’m so grateful for every invitation to share these amazing animals with you, but being invited back is such a privilege, I can’t imagine a higher compliment! The way you’ve welcomed us into your families is part of what makes this the best job in the world! ❤ THANK YOU!!!

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