March 2024: Kentville Birthday

We had a blast at Faith’s birthday here in Kentville!   Many had already met my babies at school events, so it was wonderful to reunite them with their favourites. A few others were very nervous but showed inspiring courage and were soon smiling & spending quality-time with their new, slithery friends! Honestly, every time I feel nervous about trying something new, I often think of all the people who’ve had the courage to “embrace their nightmare,” to give me motivation!

There’s always something special about visiting families here in my community. ❤ The short-commute is certainly nice. but I also hope to I get get see Faith & her friends many times in years to come! They’ll get to watch my pets grow up, and I’ll get to feel super-old watching them become young adults. Growing up is so RUDE! Alice the boa and Sarah the corn snake were being extra-weird, but I think Susan & Chris, the ball pythons, melted more hearts. Seeing your affection for my pets brings me so much joy, it’s such an incredible feeling.

I’m so grateful for every invitation, but the way you make us feel so welcome is what makes every visit extra-special. I’m set to visit KCA’s Spring Fling, so hopefully I’ll see many of you there!

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