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Dinah-Mite Pythons

Dinah Burgess breeds some of the finest ball pythons in Nova Scotia!  Based in Halifax, Dinah regularly volunteers her animals & her time to our educational efforts.  She more a partner than a sponsor, but she’s amazing either way!  Check her out on Facebook & Instagram!

The Reptile Ward

My dear friend & mentor, Chris Ward, is one-half of The Reptile Ward, one of Canada’s finest ball python breeders, based in Ontario!  Be sure to check out his YouTube show Friday Night Live, interviewing all the movers & shakers in the reptile hobby.  You can also find him on Facebook & Instagram, and on Morph Market.


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SunDyle Reptiles

Nate Dyle is a respected ball python breeder in Ontario who produces stunning animals!  I’m so grateful for SunDyle’s support!  Follow Nate on Instagram today!

Havoc Exotics

Jordan, of Havoc Exotics in New Brunswick, has been a friend & mentor since I first joined the hobby in 2018, and she’s been a constant source of support & encouragement ever since!  It was an absolute joy to adopt two of her stunning Kenyan sand boas that she donated to become future snake-ambassadors. 🥰  For Kenyans, ball pythons, hognose snakes & more, follow Jordan on Facebook & Instagram!

East Coast Exotics

East Coast Exotics in PEI delivers feeders & supplies bi-weekly to New Brunswick & Nova Scotia.  Always fantastic quality and great customer service!  Bookmark their website and follow them on Facebook

KJP Reptiles

Kevin is THE NAME in corn snakes in Atlantic Canada, as well as some gorgeous ball pythons and more!  Kevin was kind enough to donate a retired breeding female corn named “Peach” so that she could spend her golden years teaching children to love snakes.  Give KJP Reptiles a follow on Facebook, Instagram & check out their listings on Morph Market.

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