May 2024: Ellershouse Birthday

Christopher’s birthday party in Ellershouse was so much fun! We met this wonderful family at our visit to the Family Resource Centre of West Hants and our birthday-boy did an amazing job helping me introduce his friends & family to these delightful critters!

Snakes live secretive lives of stealth so folks are never quite sure what to expect… but they never expect to be causally chatting in the living room while cuddling snakes! Mom, in particular, was quite adamant that she wouldn’t be holding any snakes, yet Wilson the ball python somehow found his way onto her shoulders. While children are built for new experiences & challenges, adults have had many years to cultivate our anxieties, so it was particularly inspiring to see parents & grandparents taking the leap!

I was especially proud of our beloved volunteer Sarah! She plopped herself down and practically had her own mini-event in the midst of us! She did such an amazing job sharing our smallest snakes and it’s so reassuring to know that my youngest babies are always safe in her care. Keep an eye on this amazing young lady because she’s going to help change the world someday!

We’re so grateful for every invitation and making these memories with your families means so much to me, there just aren’t enough thank-yous in the world for how much you’ve blessed us! ❤

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