April 2024: Dartmouth Birthday

We had the BEST time at Connor’s birthday party in Dartmouth! There’s no greater compliment than a repeat-customer and after Connor fell in love with the pythons at his brother’s party, he needed to have us back for his birthday too!


Connor did such a good job introducing his friends to these amazing animals! It was so cute seeing his little smirk when someone was nervous, but he was so courteous. It was great to see familiar & new faces, alike, and it didn’t take long for everyone to pick their favourites. I was especially amazed at so many Moms taking the leap, which was absolutely inspiring to see! Mom shared some great shots with me to pass along too!

We’re so grateful for every invitation but this one is extra-special for many reasons, particularly because they’re part of our extended church-family from New Minas Baptist Church. ❤ Fun fact, birthday-boy’s grandfather once encouraged me that God was going to use me for something great… but neither of us could have possibly expected it to involve putting snakes on his grandchildren.


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