April 2024: Therapy-Snakes at Acadia University Library

We’re becoming regular fixtures at Acadia University Library, thanks to so many requests from students! I can’t express enough appreciation to Acadia University staff & students for being so kind and welcoming! You always make every visit an absolute joy! Everyone is always so gentle & considerate with my pets and I know my snakes definitely appreciate the calmer atmosphere.

Not many photos because my photographer (aka: my beloved wife) was working but, as you can see, the star of the show was my dear friend, Dinah-Mite Pythons‘ adult boa, Zephyr! Kate-Lynn went so above & beyond… she actually took time-off so that she could bring Zeph for a visit, so HUGE thanks to our Katie! ❤ Emma & Kate-Lynn, both, did an amazing job at helping people connect with these misunderstood critters, I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Snakes live shy, stealthy lives so we rarely give them a second-thought. Their mysterious lives and weird shape are enough to cause apprehension, but the handful of potentially fatal species makes ALL snakes suspect and terrifying to many. However, the vast majority of snakes are completely harmless to humans, including all of our native Nova Scotia snakes along with my ambassadors, all common pet-species. I don’t have any special “snake-whispering” powers… they’re just incredibly misunderstood and it’s been such a privilege to be able to show you what they’re REALLY like. They may be packaged strangely, but they’re just little animals… with their own unique behaviours and individual personalities.

Thank you SO much for inviting us back and I hope we’ll have many more opportunities to visit in the future! ❤|

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