April 2024: Medford/Canning Birthday

Gavin’s birthday in Medford was a blast! I met Gavin at Canning & District Recreation – CDRC day-camp last summer and he was so excited to be reunited with his slithery friends! It was also wonderful to see so many familiar faces, including family-friends!

It didn’t take long for everyone to pick their favourite snakes! The corn snakes had everyone giggling, as usual, but many preferred gentle python-hugs Even parents couldn’t resist getting some cuddles! I’m especially thankful for my volunteers, Sarah & Emma, for all their help! Juggling four corn snakes would be impossible without them! I can’t imagine what I did to deserve them but I’m so grateful!! ❤

Every invitation is so special and it’s always extra-special when I get to visit families here in the Annapolis Valley. I’ll get to run into these folks at the grocery-store or coffee-shop, and I’m always happy to answer the kids’ questions about how their cold-blooded friends are doing. Thank you so much your warm welcome!

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