January 2024: Sackville Birthday

We had the most AMAZING afternoon in Sackville this weekend! It started with the decorations… Elyse & her family decorated the house from top to bottom with SNAKES rubber snakes, stuffed snakes, snake candlestick holders… all topped off by Mom’s absolutely incredible ball python birthday cake!


Elyse had already made friends with the local garter snakes while field-herping, but this was her first opportunity to get up-close & cuddly with them. There was no “easing her into it” because she was already in love and she did an amazing job introducing her friends to these wonderful animals. Soon, all of her friends were sharing in her joy and she was absolutely glowing with bliss.


I think Gus & Sarah, the corn snakes, were the stars of the show, if only for their shenanigans. They have no respect for personal boundaries and they had a peculiar obsession with this group’s hair! The girls seemed to love every minute, though, and spent the entire time giggling and snuggling with their favourites.


We were having such a good time, it was so hard to say goodbye but I’m pretty sure I’m going to get to reunite Elyse with her new snake-friends at events in the future! Thank you SO much for inviting us and making us feel so welcome! It was an amazing day that we won’t forget!

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