January 2024: Kentville Birthday

Saturday’s birthday-party was so special for many reasons! First & foremost, it was special because Avery is an amazing young lady who did a fantastic job sharing her love for reptiles with her friends! Her confidence and affection for the animals was contagious and soon everyone was picking their favourites to cuddle with.

What also made it special was that this was a return-visit! We’d just celebrated her sisters’ birthday in the Fall! It’s always a special privilege to be invited back and this crew made it an absolute blast! As if that didn’t make it special enough, we were blessed to be joined by Sarah & Emma, my incredible volunteers! THANK YOU, LADIES! You were amazing, as always, and I love seeing the special connections you make with the kids! ❤

Thank you so much for having us back! They were all so good with my pets and I can’t wait to see where their love for the natural world takes them in the future!

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