November 2023: Centreville Birthday

We had an amazing morning in Centreville celebrating a double-birthday for Arlo and Archie! I met this wonderful family during Apple Blossom weekend when they got to meet Robert, who was his usual self today, disrespecting everyone’s personal boundaries.


I think parents & grandparents had as much fun as the kids, which is always beautiful to see! Parents are always surprised to discover that snakes are an absolute JOY to hold & interact with and I know Robert’s playful curiosity and Alice’s hugs melted some hearts today. ❣ I was especially proud of little Tom, my juvenile Pueblan milk snake! He’s been making great progress but this was his very first big outing and he did so well!

I’m so thankful for every invitation and it’s always a special privilege to serve families right here in my community. As harmless as my pets may be, it takes no small amount of courage to invite the most feared vertebrate on the planet to your party, and there aren’t enough thank-you’s in the world for trusting me to provide a safe, fun experience with these amazing animals! ❤


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