November 2023: Kentville Holly Days Festival

We had such a good time spending time with you all at the Bad Eyes Gallery and Ametora Supply last night during Kentville’s Holly Days Festival! I hope it was a memorable shopping experience for everyone and congratulations to everyone who courageously faced their anxieties! Overcoming anxiety is one of the most rewarding, liberating experiences one can have and it, frankly, just feels awesome! I hope many of you got to experience that feeling for yourselves!

I can’t cure phobias… but I can provide a safe, affirming atmosphere, without pressure or judgement, for you to stretch your boundaries as far as you’re willing. Snakes lead mysterious lives of stealth, and that mystery spawns many myths so it’s very possible that everything you know about them may be wrong. They’re not AT ALL the monsters of film & tv, who play on you anxieties by pretending harmless snakes are dangerous. Rather, they’re just weirdly-shaped lizards that can be delightfully derpy, playfully curious and surprisingly gentle. They give the BEST hugs in the world and the most heavenly neck-massage you’ll ever experience.

HUGE thank you to my whole team for all their help! My wife, Marsha, of course, and my volunteers Kate-Lynn, Sara, Sarah & Emma! I’ve been so blessed with these amazing ladies. We adore you! ❤ Extra thanks to all the return-guests and families who also helped out, either practically or by merely demonstrating your beautiful affection for my babies.

It was a wonderful end to the week and a great way to kick off the weekend!

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