November 2023: Porter’s Lake Birthday

Callum’s birthday in Porter’s Lake was so much fun! There was a lot of courage in this room with quite a few pushing past their anxieties to share in the experience! The sensations can be pretty overwhelming at first!

And speaking of “overwhelming” the corn snakes were in fine form, tying kids up in knots as usual. Robert is a superstar, of course, but I’m especially proud of how well Coral has been doing. She’s been such a good ambassador and so patient with the children, I couldn’t be more pleased with that adoption. so thank you again East Coast Exotics for donating her! (Yes, I know Coral is a male but just let Marsha have her girl, okay? )

We’re so grateful for every invitation. It’s such a privilege to share these amazing moments with families and I hope they’re a blessing to you as well! ❤

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