May 2024: Kingston Birthday

I was SO excited when I found out Brooklyn wanted us back for her birthday party this year! She didn’t squander this opportunity to be an amazing ambassador inviting many new faces from her athletic team! I was so proud of the brilliant job she did, introducing them to her slithery friends. After some very nervous experimentation, most were soon falling in love with their favourites.

The corn snakes were being corn snakes, of course, and Robert had no respect for the birthday girl’s boundaries! Even the ball pythons were poking in pockets and Alice was perching on hats, silliness and giggles were non-stop! My snakes aren’t large enough to harm you… but they most certainly do TICKLE!

I’m so grateful for every invitation, but being invited back is a very special privilege. It just says so much about how you value the experience and your relationships with my pets. ❤ There just aren’t enough thank-yous in the world for making this dream come true.

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