May 2024: Enfield Birthday

We had the BEST time at Sejin’s birthday party in Enfield! There’s no greater compliment than a repeat-customer and I feel so blessed that he wanted to see his slithery friends again! Sejin made sure to take the opportunity to invite some new faces and he did a brilliant job introducing them to these amazing animals!

Sejin is just the sweetest boy ever, gentle reassuring his friends as they got used to my pets’ shenanigans. The ball pythons were all hugs, but corn snakes were up to their usual tomfoolery. Seeing the sheer joy in his face when Tom, my Pueblan milk snake, wriggled under birthday boy’s shirt… it’s just blows me away!

I started this work on the assumption that no one could ever love snakes the way I do, and that this would be a difficult, uphill climb. THANK YOU for making a complete fool of me!!!! I’m so proud of my community and HUGE thank you to Sejin, and so many other young people, for being such wonderful ambassadors for ALL animals! ❤

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