April 2024: Greenfield Elementary School

Rural schools in Nova Scotia are very special because of the unique & vibrant communities they foster, and Greenfield Elementary School is no exception! The warm, welcoming atmosphere and the beautiful spirit of the staff & students made the lengthy drive well worth it!

We saw so much courage throughout out visit, from kids & adults alike! Everyone was so kind and gentle with my pets and my babies were very well behaved… except the corn snakes! If they weren’t trying to squeeze into the chairs, they were disrespecting boundaries. This was my first time visiting a school solo but staff were so helpful and gracious, with that inspiring, can-do attitude I see in so many small communities, and their assistance had a visible impact on the children’s comfort-level. Many teachers even took huge strides confronting their personal fears!

I’m so grateful to all staff & students for being so amazing with my pets. Thank you SO much for inviting us and I hope we get to visit again in the future!

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