December 2023: Dartmouth Birthday

We had an amazing time celebrating Malcolm’s 10th birthday in Dartmouth! He fell hopelessly in love with Robert when they met earlier this year and seeing their emotional reunion was one of my favourite moments ever!

All of the colubrids were relatively considerate for this outing, although Shelby, the Kenyan sand boa, was very eager to burrow down people’s sleeves. My ambassadors often seem to be on their best behaviour when there’s lots of nervous folks, and we saw some phenomenal courage at this outing! Everyone stretched their boundaries incredibly far and my my jaw nearly dropped when I saw Malcolm’s younger brother wearing Susan, my largest ball python… who is longer than he is! One young lady didn’t even want to come to the party, so she stayed securely distant… but then decided she might want to try touching one, and then holding a small one. Soon she was holding Sandy in her lap (or Sandy was holding her ), my boldest, pushiest snake… and he was a perfect gentleman for her the whole time. He really is the best boy.

It’s always a blessing to visit families we know through church and seeing Malcolm’s satisfied smirk the entire afternoon is a memory that I’ll cherish forever. So much so that Marsha & I decided on the way home that, should Robert outlive me, we know who she’ll approach first to offer adoption.

I’m also incredibly thankful to my volunteer, Emma, for her wonderful assistance! She has a wonderful, patient way with children and it’s beautiful to see how the kids respond to her. Great work, Emma!!


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