October 2023: New Minas Homeschool

There’s so many things that made this particular visit extra-special. ❤ We’ve been blessed by this family in so many ways over the years so it was an absolute joy to be able to share our slithery blessings with them!


I also got to spoil them with a special treat courtesy of Scarlett Rose Nightshade and her absolutely amazing educational subscription service My Snake Crate! Every month highlights a different species with activities, crafts, posters and all sorts of goodies that your family can explore together. In this crate, we learned about the gorgeous Green Tree Python! I can hardly wait to see the photos of the completed craft!


If you’re in the USA, My Snake Crate is a fantastic value for your young herpetologist and absolutely ideal for any home-education context! You can subscribe today at https://www.mysnakecrate.com/ and I’d love to partner with Scarlett to help make her amazing service a success!

Thank you to these wonderful families & to Scarlett for making this such a special outing.


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