May 2022: Sackville Homeschool Presentation (HRM)

We had an amazing adventure in Sackville with a wonderful group of homeschoolers! There’s no question, Dinah-Mite Pythons stole the show! ⭐ Not only did she supply a truckload of her beautiful animals, but it was the very first outing for her BIG gorgeous adult boa girl, Zypher! For her very first time in front of so many people, Zypher was an absolute sweetheart & so patient with all of us, taking it all in stride She was definitely an exciting challenge for the kids, and I fell in love with her.

While Kate-Lynn & Dinah-Mite Pythons were holding court in the dining room, I was having some crazy adventures in the living room! I always warn the kids, snakes DO NOT respect your personal boundaries, and they gave the kids a thorough demonstration.. 😅 First Sandy, the pushy Florida kingsnake, was worming his way though sleeves & knees… then a gentle ball python found a comfortable spot stretched out in a sleeve, keeping an eye on us from a hoodie. 😊 The kids were absolutely tickled… literally! 🤣 Far from being terrified, they loved the experience and kept trying to tempt the snakes to do it again. 😂

It’s been such a joy meeting so many wonderful homeschool families this year!! ❤ Thank you so much for the invitation, it really means the world to me when families open their homes to us… it’s an absolute honour & privilege to share these amazing moments with you! 🥰






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